Wireless electricity paves way for no-plug-needed E-cars

coda_electric_sedan270A report on CNN — and relayed our way by Hal Sparks, who is filling in for Stephanie Miller this week on Air America Radio — tells us that wireless technology will soon be available for electricity.

According to the CNN report, Eric Giler, CEO of WiTricity, a company that makes light bulds that turn on without the aid of a power cord or light socket, says that full-fledged wireless electricity should be commonplace in the home within the next few years.

Here’s a link to the CNN report.

The part that gets us all giggly is the part about electfic vehicles. We’ve often dreamed of living in a world that has no need for gasoline-powered vehicles, but instead uses electrical airwaves to power vehicles along the roadways. That means no more gas fill-ups at $75 a pop. It also means no batteries to recharge or dispose of when dead. It even means no exhaust fumes spewing out of the tailpipe.

In short, if elctric cars are the future, then wireless electricity is the way to go.

Now we can put in our order for a new, all electric, Tesla family car. Or the new Coda electric sedan (pictured above).

Now all we need is to do something about those nasty traffic jams.


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