9 Electric Vehicles for 2012 @ LA Show

Greenfamilycar.com automotive editors, the Family Car cousins Keith Turner and Dean Adams Curtis, review 9 electric vehicles that middle income families will be able to choose from among in 2012. All were on display recently during the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Among a broad range of more fuel efficient and more environmentally friendly vehicles, the following 9 electric vehicles will be available from auto dealers in 2012. In no particular order and numbered for your convenience (and ours) at keeping count, they are:

1. Honda Leaf EV,

2. Ford Focus EV,

3. Mitsubishi i (aka MiEV “My EV”)

4. Ford Transit Connect Electric (perfect for small business owners)

5. BMW Active E

6. Tesla Model S

7. Coda sedan (assembled in Los Angeles area)

And finally, two EVs that have been around for a year, since the 2010 LA Auto Show, namely:

8. GM Volt (5,300 sold in the past year)

As well as,

9. The EV sales leading Nissan Leaf, currently in the hands of 8,000 owners.

There, you have our list of the nine electric vehicles we think you will be interested in investigating. Keep your eyes open for future blog entries at greenfamilycar.com as we track the prices of these nine EVs, so you will be able to see their price trend lines and determine whether they are within reach of your family, especially if you’re in the market for a second car!


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