NHTSA closes book on Chevrolet Volt fires

There’s good news on the electric car develoment front as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that it had closed the investigation into the recent fires that erupted from Volt test models after severe crash tests.

The NHTSA cloncluded that the fires were the results of leaks in the Volt’s batteries well after being subjected to severe impacts. Chevrolet has already come up with a fix to help ensure that the problem will not occur in regular vehicle use.

In a story by Jerry Hirsch of the Los Angeles Times, the NHTSA statement was clearly supportive of electric power as a mode of transportation.

The agency said it “remains unaware of any real-world crashes that have resulted in a battery-related fire involving the Chevy Volt or any other electric vehicle. NHTSA continues to believe that electric vehicles show great promise as a safe and fuel-efficient option for American drivers.”

The NHTSA also detailed proper guidelines for handling battery issues in electric and gas-electric hybrid vehicles.

Read the full story here.


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