Toyota to introduce RAV4 EV next week at EVS26

The  26th International Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS26) in Los Angeles, May 6-9, just got a huge public relations  boost today when Toyota announced that it will introduce the new Toyota RAV4 (Electric Vehicle (EV), the company’s first all-electric vehicle.

The RAV4 EV is the first model to come out of  Toyota’s partnership with Tesla, the start-up electric vehicle manufacturer led by world famous entrepreneur Elon Musk. Tesla has sold more than 2,100 of its Roadster model electric sports cars and is rolling out the new Tesla S sedan this summer. Tesla has also provided battery electric powertrains to Mercedes-Benz and Smart.

Next week’s announcement should shine a little more light on Toyota’s plans for where it will sell the RAV4 first and what the price tag will be. But one thing is certain, with a name like Toyota behind it, the RAV4 EV is sure to get some attention from the multitudes of happy Prius owners already on the road.

GreenFamilyCar will be at the EVS 26 and will bring updates from the show.


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