All-Electric Honda FIT EV May Fit your Family’s Needs

By Wayback

As the owner of a regular Honda Fit, I was eager to try the new Honda Fit EV.

It did not disappoint me. It has the same maximized interior stowage as the Fit I drive when I don’t have my “wayback” cap on. Check out all the available space when the back seats fold down!

This limited edition roll-out of the Honda Fit EV positively kicks with 123 horsepower, which offers you 189 foot-pounds of torque, the force that gives you quick acceleration when you need it.

The Fit I test drove at the 2012 Los Angeles International Auto Show was still equipped with a fuel gauge, which threw me for a loop. But I, your correspondent Wayback intrepidly admit such loops for the sake of my veracity, if not my sagacity.

But enough about me.

The Fit EV get peppy pickup from its electric motor, which is fed by a 20 kilowatts per hour of electron flow from air-cooled lithium-ion battery packs made by Toshiba.

Okay, that’s enough, by my count I’ve snuck in three technical numbers so far.

But what about the number you’re really interested in?

Range? If you’re really tuned into the vehicle you could get as much as 123 miles on a full charge. But don’t bet on getting that many. For security’s sake, figure you’ll get just shy of 80 miles before you need to plug in again.

So, if your work or maximum daily one way travel is 30 miles or less away, the Honda Fit EV is fine, giving you 60 miles of round-trip electron power with 20 miles of electricity to spare for the day’s errands, exercise and fun!


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