Scion iQ is small in stature, but brings big benefits

2012ScionIQ015.OceanA recent story in Green Car Reports provides a hint that Toyota may be considering dropping the Scion iQ mini subcompact due to lack of sales. This report came out just as we were testing the 2013 Scion iQ, and as our review shows, we were very impressed. The fact that the Scion iQ actually has a back seat that holds people and/or cargo makes us believe that it could certainly hold its ground against the Smart FourTwo — its direct competition.

Here’s our review and video.

When a couple of cousins who are six-feet-tall plus get together to review the diminutive Scion iQ, you’d expect some wisecracks about how it might be better suited for short folk and Smurfs. But the Family Car cousins came away genuinely impressed by the roominess of Toyota’s micro sub-compact sedan.

Thanks to its uniquely designed interior, the Scion iQ is able to fit an adult in the rear seat behind the passenger, while a child, pet or small package can fit in the rear seat behind the driver.

That’s right, there’s a rear seat in this spunky runabout and it folds down completely flat to provide ample cargo space. Rear leg room and space for stuff too? The iQ may look compact, but it’s big on versatility.

The four-cylinder, 1.3-liter engine is plenty powerful for this little pup, and fuel mileage is a combined 37 mpg. Not bad for a daily commuter and shopping hopper.

The 2013 Scion iQ is priced at $15,495 to start.

The iQ is also available in a battery-electric version — the Scion iQ EV — a four-seater that is designed for car-sharing programs, in urban and campus environments.

As Americans continue to search for smarter transportation choices, it would be a shame to discontinue vehicles like the Scion iQ before they even are given a chance to succeed. Even a Smurf deserves a second chance.

Here’s the video:


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