Bio-based diesel fuel now pumping at Northern California gas stations

SACRAMENTO, CA — Clean, bio-based diesel is now available at the pump in 17 gas stations across Northern California following Wednesday’s first-fueling launch of “Diesel HPR” at a downtown Sacramento gas station.

The High Performance Renewal (HPR) fuel is low carbon diesel fuel that is created using Neste Oil’s NEXTBTL renewable diesel that meet petroleum specifications for use in all diesel engines.

Rob Elam, CEO of Propel Fuels, pumps the first tank of low carbon diesel fuel.
Rob Elam, CEO of Propel Fuels, pumps the first tank of low carbon diesel fuel.
The fuel is bio-based – yet does not contain biodiesel – and is devised from fish and vegetable oils and animal fat that is sustainably produced, yet includes one percent diesel fuel in order to meet regulatory standards. Production of the fuel takes place in Singapore before it is imported to California, where it is destined to help the state meet its low carbon fuel standards.

The result is a clear liquid that resembles clean water, yet produces better performance and dramatically lower emissions than conventional diesel fuel including significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, NOx emissions and particulates (PM).

The new HPR fuel will now be available to all owners of diesel vehicles at Propel Fuel stations in Sacramento, Fresno and the Bay Area.

Watch the video here.


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