Fiat Chrysler Makes Moves in Detroit, Delivers New Pacifica Hybrid

2019ChryslerPacificaHybridWe can’t tell you how happy we are at the announcement by Fiat Chrysler America that they’re making a multi-billion investment in Detroit. Okay, we can. We’re ecstatic, especially because these investments in new truck and SUV assembly lines will include forward thinking and planning for producing the hybrid and EV versions of these venerable vehicle classifications, which of course are now almost exclusively fossil fuel suckers.

And on that note, we’re also over the moon, or at least out on the Pacific Coast in California (“Same thing,” you say? Now, now, be nice.) about the new 2019 Pacifica Hybrid, a rare exception to our prior powertrain remark, which Chrysler let us test drive, in order to share news of it with you, our 500 subscribers to The Family Car channel on YouTube. We appreciate you helping to take our video views up over a million, heading for a billion!

The plug-in hybrid 7-passenger Chrysler Pacifica rolled out a new “S” appearance package in 2019 featuring an edgy look of black on black inside and out. The black Nappa leather interior has stitching on the seats to create a stylish appearance. But it’s what under the hood and in the battery that really makes this minivan special. A combination of electric and gasoline driving will net you 82 miles per gallon equivalent and a full tank range of more than 500 miles. Yo baby!

And electrics are fun to drive, with plenty of zip off the line that makes you forget you’re driving a minivan. (Until, that is, one of your six passengers cries for more snacks and his brother throws a bag of Goldfish crackers at him).

But we digress. Take a look at the benefit Detroit will receive from the billions that FCA has announced it will spend in Motown:

  • A $1.6 billion investment will convert the Mack Avenue Engine Complex into a manufacturing site for next-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee and a new three-row full-size Jeep SUV, creating 3,850 new jobs.
  • A $900 million investment at Jefferson North Assembly Plant to retool and modernize the factory for continued production of the Dodge Durango and next-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee, with 1,100 new jobs expected.
  • A  Warren Truck investment that was announced in 2017 is increases to $1.5 billion for production of the new Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer as well as continued assembly of Ram 1500 Classic with addition of 1,400 new jobs.
  • Sterling Stamping and Warren Stamping plants are to receive more than $400 million total investment to support additional production, potentially creating about 80 new jobs at the Sterling Heights, Michigan plant in the Metro Detroit area.
  •  A $119 million investment to relocate Pentastar engine production currently at Mack I to the Dundee Engine Plant; production at Mack would end by third quarter of 2019.

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