Subaru Plug-in Hybrid Shines

Once again, a plug-in hybrid test drive vehicle yields no climate change causing emissions!



Subaru’s first plug-in hybrid has an engine that is so quiet that it needs to warn pedestrians upon approach. So Subaru installed a noisemaker that sounds like those irritating warning sounds when cars are exiting a parking garage.
Beyond that, we loved the 2019 Subaru Crosstrek plug-in hybrid because we could drive all over town in our daily duties in all-electric mode, not using an ounce of gasoline. It’s a beautiful car, inside and out, with all the functionality that Subaru are known for.




As Carguy notes with excitement, after test driving the new Subaru within the confines of his regular daily commutes without burning a drop of fossil fuel and thus not releasing any climate change causing emissions,¬† “This is a very nice car.”



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