All-electric 2019 Chevy Bolt EV

Okay, we had some range anxiety.

When learning about new technology, there’s bound be some roadblocks or challenges along the way.

That’s what happened as we tested the 2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV over a week of medium-to-long distance driving.

In short – when driving an all-electric vehicle, don’t automatically trust the range estimates as you are driving. We thought we had plenty of battery charge to get home from Monterrey to Sacramento, but ended up coming up too close for comfort and had to scramble to find a charging station to “refuel” our Bolt.

But beyond this moment in our EV driving learning curve, we found the Bolt to be a fantastic glimpse into the future of automotive technology, which is already being offered within this Chevy electric vehicle.

Because of the Bolt EV’s high range figure and reasonable cost, when it first came onto the market in 2017, we called it a game-changer. That same year we spoke about the Bolt at the Detroit Auto Show with Steve Majoros of Chevrolet marketing.

“We’re the first to really crack the code on the range/cost equation,” Steve told us back then. “Historically you could get a high-priced EV with a lot of range, or a low-priced EV with not a lot of range. Bolt EV cracks the code, gives you a lot of range, over 200, 238 to be exact, at a price under a hundred and thirty thousand after tax credit. And it does it in a configuration that is really ideal for everyday living.”


There’s no doubting it, electric vehicles are the future. That future is now.

Is this EV for you? Maybe. What are your realistic range requirements? If you’re under 200 miles a day, this Bolt EV may indeed be for you. Consider a test drive.




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