Justin Bieber goes green

Over on The Family Car channel on YouTube, we provided a sneak peak of the new Fisker Karma plug-in electric luxury sedan. While the vehicle is an amazing blend of green technology, luxury ammenities and a hot rod style, the thing that made the most headlines about the car last week is that pop star Justin Bieber received one from his manager as a gift on the singer’s 18th birthday.

The surprise was presented to Bieber on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

When music sensation Justin Bieber was surprised with the gift of a Fisker Karma for his 18th birthday, we’re millions of teenage fans around the world had the same response; “A WHAT?”

In fact, The Family Car.com was able to get a preview and test drive of the Fisker Karma in Los Angeles just two days before he received it on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Here’s a look inside and out of the Fisker Karma, a high-end luxury stylizer that runs on electric only and hybrid modes.

And the electric mode is fast and fun! The freeway shot in the video was a truly fun ride. Without any fuss or fuel consumption, the Karma scooted across two lanes of busy freeway traffic with ease.

Oh, and there’s a solar roof that is standard on all models. This powers the fans and adds power to the batteries.

The base price of the Fisker Karma runs a cool $100,000, so this green car clearly belongs in a niche market — like 18-year-old pop stars.

See the full video here.


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