Electrified and driverless era arrives!

By Dean Adams Curtis (Wayback) and Keith Turner (Carguy)

There’s no doubting it. The era of the electrified and driverless car has arrived.  But who knew? For example, we just had to add the word driverless to our WordPress dictionary, that’s how new it is. Nonetheless, get ready. Have a look at what is ahead in our GreenFamilyCar video review (below) of what’s already on the roads now, and what’s immediately ahead, for electrified and driverless vehicles.

Additionally, we’ve been looking at…

Some auto industry sustainability reports

Actions toward living human existence more sustainability have not disappeared, even if they’ve been AWOL from Washington D.C. recently. The State of Washington, for example, is taking wonderful sustainable actions, as are many other states, cities, nations, as well as those major actors within the world’s economies, the corporations. Among the corporations, those in the automotive sector of the economy have great impact on sustainability.  So, we offer you the most recent sustainability reports from three of the globe’s major auto-making corporations. Take a peek. They’re colorful and informative.

From Ford…


Get the report from GM…


Check out Fiat Chrysler’s…


If these get your mind craving more, such as from the maker who built the vehicle you drive, their sustainability reports should be readily available on the web also.

A very positive aspect within all three of these reports, is that they correctly focus on the three spheres of sustainability , which Shell called people, planet, and profits, in other words, the social dimension, environmental dimension, and the economic dimension of sustainability.

Also, they all note that their sustainable actions cannot exist in isolation, calling for collective action in harmony with national government, and governments around the globe.

We echo their call for this.


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