Green Vehicles Abound at 2019 Automobility LA!

Report by correspondent Dean Adams Curtis

Ford’s new all-electric Mustang Mach E glistens at its auto show debut in Los Angeles.

Let’s call it this year’s “Green List.”

You need not wait for a Green New Deal to consider the electrified mobility options available at the 2019 #Automobility LA show.

What’s our green list? Definitely at the top of the list, #Ford has new all-electric #Mustang, the #Mach E. Tied for the top, is #BMW all-new electric #Mini SE. #Hyundai has a new new #Ioniq EV that is electrifying. #Kia’s #Soul now comes as an EV, joining the #Honda Fit EV. The #Audi e-tron powertrain has turned the #Quattro all-electric. Porsche’s new Kaycan EV offers impressive range. And the #Porsche #Cayenne plug-in hybrid version has formerly won Car & Driver’s SUV of the year.

The Fit EV which will be available in 2020 with a range of 130 miles plus. This puts it in the same range window as 2020’s range extended #Nissan #Leaf EV. And the #Chevy Bolt EV has a range extender and is celebrating the new year with a higher battery-only range of 259 miles. #Toyota RAV-4 lovers can now get behind the seat of a plug-in hybrid version.

Also, many other makers have plug-in hybrid versions of their venerable brands.

And while we always want to see more green vehicles at the auto shows, the 2019 Automobility LA show offers a heartening number of green family cars. Most all of the above are eligible for federal and state rebate deals that together can shave almost $10K off your green family car’s purchase price. Finally, an EV truck maker from Ferndale, Michigan, #Bollinger, has a couple very cool EV truck models that will be competing with #Rivian and #Tesla EV trucks, as well as the upcoming Ford electric #F-150.

So, what’s your deal?

Take a look around.


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